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June 13, 2013

Diane Wilson

Diane Media that mattersSomething that gets pretty interesting on a hunger strike is the workings of your brain.  Yesterday my brain felt like there were about twenty stock cars (the kind you crash) and they were driving erratically all over a Walmart parking lot. occasionally i would pick up one car and look at it but none of it made any sense.

That was what I was feeling yesterday on our conference call.  I had one faster call me after our call and say, Diane, I heard you on the call and pllleeeeeease drink some water.  

It could be not enough water.  But it might just be the fast.  

After the stock cars settled down last night it got more peculiar.  Day time and dream time became very very similar.  I was starting to think that I was dreaming the fast. There wasn’t any outstanding quality that made me think it wasn’t.  I think this is why fasts are good for vision quests.

June 12, 2013


Elliott Adams – In the last 2 days, for some reason, I have only lost a half pound, which is peculiar since before it has been a precise 1 pound a day for weeks. Maybe the Veterans_For_Peace_by_digitalgracebody is reassessing where to take energy from or something. The past few nights I have noticed that my hips and buttock are sore and wake me up. I figured out that I have lost muscle which used to provide padding and that without the muscle the bones push against the skin – I am discovering bones I never knew I had. I assume the skin will get used to it in time and stop hurting, I hope.

We are trying to build a social movement. Grass roots social movements work because if I inform 2 people and they each tell two people and they each tell two people eventually everyone hears about it. Toward the end the movement grows extremely fast. It is an exponential growth, if the exponent is 2 as in the example above, then the 2nd day 4 new people hear of it, the 20th day 400 new people would hear about it, the 40th day 1600 new people would hear about. Now I know everyone is really busy, but the secret to exponential growth is in the beginning. Every extra person we can reach in the beginning shortens the time a great deal. The same effort later makes less difference. I know everyone is very busy, but I am asking people to try make special effort now in the beginning to do a little extra, it means so much at this point.



June 11, 2013

Elliott Adams –  Brian has been in the back of my mind all day, it must have been so hard to suspend the hunger strike. It was smart and strong of him to do it.

For some reason I have had hunger pangs much of the day, that is not usual.

I am not looking forward to stage 2 in a root canal tomorrow. Even though it rained all day I got more fence put up. And I finally took time to write “Why I Fast.” It is already up on the web site under my name

diane Texas Legacy ProjectDiane Wilson

very isolated on the gulf coast where i am. no internet. phone service can be spotty. this is where my fishing family has spent the last 120 years. bonnie and clyde hid out here. my great uncle took them up the river in his homemade skiff. this is the land of the hooping crane.  i am with my mom who is steadily loosing touch with this reality. she weighs less than a flea. i weigh more than a flea. how bout a circus of fleas. nobody (and there’s lots of sombodies around here) remark about my weight loss or the hunger fast. just best not to go in that direction. i fixed torn up shrimp nets in my previous life and my nephew says he is going to chain me to a tree so i cant go backk to washinton. just fix his busted net. i dont have strength to argue these days. just smmmmiiiiiillllee.

June 10, 2013

sBrianWillson sitting w legsS. Brian Willson – After 28 days of fasting on 300 calories/day, Brian temporarily suspended his hunger strike for health reasons. 


Diane Wilson – Day 41, water-only.  

confusion outrunning legs.  little irony since i’m taking care of my mom in texas who has alzheimers.  who’s the keeper?    don’t know.  


Elliott Adams — Day 24, 300 cal/day, lost 27 pounds.

Down to weighing 143.5 this morning. I worked in the rain to get most of our dry beans planted which is almost 2 weeks late.  But it feels good to know most of them are in the ground and can use this rain to sprout.  I was getting worried we wouldn’t get them in in time.

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 U.S. Faster in Solidarity w/Gitmo & Pelican Bay Prisoners


Foreground: EMT prepares the tool for the nasal intubation.       Background: U.S. Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentina Middleground:...agony awaits. 

The feeding demo is extremely painful, yet it is done with consent. The long-term solidarity fast continues with nasogastric nourishment in front of U.S. governmental symbols of power. The twice-daily force-feeding of Gitmo hunger strikers is nonconsensual and therefore real torture by the standards sponsored by U.S. taxpayers and authorized by members of Congress who just raised the debt ceiling to nearly $17 trillion. President Obama's actions continue to belie his empty words "Close Guantánamo."  As Commander-in-Chief, he could easily order an end to what the Pentagon refuses to call "forced-feeding."   The force-feeding is premeditated  relentless forced penetration of plastic into their innermost sacred cavities !

Andrés Thomas Conteris - fasted on water and coconut water with vitamin and electrolyte supplements. Solidarity fast began July 8, 2013 with 30,000 hunger striking California prisoners urging fulfillment of 5 Core Demands of the Pelican Bay supermax prisoners.  Force-feeding protests began Sept. 6 & Sept. 25 in front of the White House & later in front of the Oakland Office of CA Dept of Corrections and Rehab (CDCR) to depict how prisoners in Guantánamo are tortured with force-feeding twice-daily and how CA prisoners as future hunger strikers have been threatened with a court order authorizing force-feeding.  On Oct 4 and Oct 8 he was tube-fed in front of the U.S. Embassies in Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina. On Oct 15 a similar protest took place in Santiago, Chile.  On Friday, Oct 18 the feeding protest returns to Washington, DC outside a Federal Court hearing on the lawsuit challenging force-feeding in Guantánamo.  He is now on a maintenance fast losing about 1 pound per week, unlike the 5 pounds/week the first 11 weeks.  In January 2014 with the anniversary of Guantánamo on Jan. 11, the force feeding protests will recommence.  Please spread the word. 

Join a Rolling Fast

U.S. Hunger Strikers who have suspended their fast






Diane Wilson - Water only 58 days (lost 48 lbs). Diane, co-founder of CodePink and member of Veterans for Peace, suspended her hunger strike on June 27, 2013 after detention following her arrest for scaling the White House fence the day before. She faced a jury trial in DC District Court on Sept. 5th, 2013.


S. Brian Willson - Suspended Hunger Strike on June 10, 2013 after 31 days on 300cal/day, when a car accidentally hit him. Supporters continue a vigil with a rolling fast, in Portland, OR.



Elliott Adams - Went 80 days on 300 cal/day from May 18, to August 4, 2013 losing 45 lbs.   He is past President of Veterans for Peace.







Tarak Kauff - Ended fast on August 4, 2013 after 58 days on 300 cal/day since June 7.  He lost 29 lbs. On Board of Directors for Veterans for Peace.


Cynthia Papermaster - After 84 days on 300 cal/day, Cynthia suspended her  hunger strike on Sep. 6 which began June 15, 2013. Code Pink member,  lost 35 lbs. The transfer of two Algerian prisoners on Aug. 29, 2013, inspired her to suspend her fast. 

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